From our work life, to our homesteads, as women we are expected to never stop providing for others. Because of stereotypical expectations and demands, it is not uncommon to become lost in the definition of self, and in our relation to the world around us. What happens when we constantly put ourselves on the back burner? We can end up fading into the background of our own lives. Not Immune steps into the abstract and curious framework of identity. Presenting myself as the subject of exploration, this work broadly represents a space of permission to directly look at how self-portraiture can capture both visible, and invisible identities.

In more specific ways, this project is acceptance that my physical being is the product of the ones I love. It is acknowledgement that I am not immune to the subtle - and not so subtle - cultural pressures of beauty, marriage, children, and work. It is celebration of the feminine. And lastly, this project champions self-worth and self-acceptance in knowing that who I am and how I present to the world is good enough.

Polaroid Film. 2017